Developer for brown and red tones on “Vitex” paper.
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Do not dilute and develop for 2–3 minutes at 20°C to obtain warm black tones. By diluting the solution the following effects can be obtained at 20°C:

dilute 1:1–2 and develop for 4–8 minutes;
dilute 1:3–4 and develop for 7–15 minutes;
dilute 1:5–6 and develop for 15–25 minutes.

The development times given are only approximate. In practice the development times depends both on the negative and the type of result required. The following facts are worth bearing in mind:

  • The image tone tends to become warmer as development is prolonged and with progressive dilutions of the developer.
  • The exposure required (i.e. the paper speed) is constant, whatever the dilution of the developer.
  • The development times decrease and the tone becomes warmer as the temperature of the solution is raised.
  • If even warmer tones are required add 10 grams per liter of sodium bicarbonate to the solution.