Tropical hardening bath for films and plates, for use after development, at temperatures from 24°C to 35°C.

Is recommended to be used in conjunction with Kodak Tropical Developer DK15.

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If crystalline sodium sulfate is preferred instead of desiccated sulfate, use 140 grams.

Agitate negatives for 30–45 seconds when they are first immersed, to avoid unevenness, and leave them for 3 minutes. After the equivalent of 20 10×8″ films per 4.7 liters been treated, the bath should be replaced, otherwise scum markings will result.

The freshly-made bath is violet-blue colour and keeps indefinitely while unused. A partially used bath deteriorates on standing for a few days, the colour changing to a yellow-green. The hardening bath should never be overworked.