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This developer produces negatives of speed and graininess comparable to Kodak D76 developer.

The developer may be replenished with Kodak DK25R Replenisher: 22ml should be added for each roll of film processed. Most consistent results are obtained if it is added after each roll has been processed (or after each 40 rolls in a 37.85 liters tank). With replenishment, the developer has a life of 25 rolls per liter.

Sodium sulfite anhydrous
Water to make
Mix chemicals in order.

Do not dilute. Average developing time is about 12 minutes in a tank or 10 minutes in a tray at 20°C. Its low alkalinity and high salt content as well as its low fogging propensity make it suitable for use up to 30°C if the chrome alum hardening bath, Kodak SB4, is employed between development and fixing. If used without replenishment (Kodak DK25R), increase the processing time by 10% after each roll of 35mm or 120 roll film has been processed. The developer should be discarded after processing 4 rolls per liter.

Note: A white scum of calcium sulphite frequently occurs on films processed in high sulphite, low alkalinity developers such as D23. This scum is soluble in acid stop baths and in fresh acid fixing bath, especially if the film is well agitated. It is slowly soluble in wash water, and may also be wiped or sponged off the wet film, although light deposits may not be noticed until the film is dry. The swell reducing acid stop bath, Kodak SB5, is especially recommended for its removal.