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D72 - Atelierele Albe
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A well known paper developer by Kodak, D72 provides good contrast with selected papers.

Ingredient Quantity
Metol 3.1 grams
Sodium sulfite anhydrous 45 grams
Hydroquinone 12 grams
Sodium carbonate monohydrate 80 grams
Potassium bromide 1.9 grams
Water to make 1 liter
Mix chemicals in order.

If sodium carbonate anhydrous is available, use 67.5 grams instead. Place the warm water in the storage container and add a pinch of sodium sulfite. Reduce the amount of potassium bromide and/or substitute 0.2 g of benzotriazole for every 1.0 g of potassium bromide for cooler blue tones.

Dilute 1:1 and develop for 1 minute at 20°C. For warmer tones on bromide papers, dilute 1:3 or 1:4, add 8 ml 10% potassium bromide for each liter of working solution and develop for 1.5 minutes. Normal development time is 2 minutes for paper, 4 minutes for film. Increasing dilution lowers contrast. Increasing or decreasing development time will increase or decrease contrast. For fast chloride papers such as Velox, dilute 1:1 and develop 45s at 20°C. For chloride papers such as AZO, dilute 1:2 and develop 45s at 20°C. For bromide papers dilute 1:4 and develop no less than 90s at 20°C.

Stock solution in full stoppered bottle keeps 6 month. Partially-filled bottles: 2 monts. Diluted in tray: 24 hours. Diluted in tank: 1 month.

Useful capacity: 12–18 8×10″ per liter of developer.

Also known as DuPont Du53D.