După aproape doi ani de bălit în gol, săptămîna trecută toate s-au potrivit cum trebuie și am pus mîna pe o cutie de Diafine. Din păcate, după ce l-am amestecat cu apă (nițel mai mult decît zice la carte: 4litri în loc de 1gallon), mi-am dat seama că mi-a mai rămas un singur planfilm. Pe care de emoție l-am subexpus.

Fomapan 100 developat în Diafine

Crop 100%

Pe cutie stătea scris așa:


Two-Part Compensating Film Developer

This package contains enough to make ONE GALLON EACH Solution A & Solution B

Diafine is supplied in dry powder form to make two separate one gallon solutions (A&B). The two powders contained in this package are to be prepared and used separately (Ați înțeles, domnul Sofineti? SEPARATELY).

Diafine gives almost a one stop push to most Black & White films without increase in grain and contrast, which is normally associated with pushing film.

Diafine is usable over a wide temperature range with one developing time for most films and permits the widest latitude of exposure. Fast, medium and slow films can now be developed simultaneously without adjustment in developing time. All films, with the exception of a few of the very slowest emulsions, are automatically developed to the most desirable contrast. Time and temperature have no practical effect, if the minimum recommendations are observed. In addition to its versatility and convenience, Diafine is unsurpassed in its ability to produce greatest effective speed, ultra-fine grain, maximum acutance and highest resolution.

Diafine does not require replenishment. It is an extremely stable formula and has an unusually long working life, if normal precautions are taken against contamination.


Dissolve the contents of can ”A“ in water (75° to 85°F) to make one gallon of Diafine Solution A. Dissolve the contents of can ”B“ to make one gallon of Diafine Solution B. Label the storage containers clearly. For maximum stability and consistency of performance distilled water is recommended. As with any photographic developer, all storage and processing equipment must be clean.

Keep out of reach of children

For photographic use only

Constains: Sodium Sulfite CAS #7757-83-7; hydroquinone CAS #123-31-9

Product code DFD-128

Instruction for use

Diafine may be used within a temperature range of 70° to 85°F with a minimum time of 3 minutes in each solution. Increased developing times will have no practical effect on the results.

Developing procedure

Any type of tray or tank may be used.

Do not pre-soak films.

  1. Immerse film in Diafine Solution A for at least 3 minutes, agitating very gently for the first 5 seconds and for 5 seconds at 1 minute intervals.
  2. Drain, but do not rinse.
  3. Immerse film in Diafine Solution B for at least 3 minutes, agitating very gently for the first 5 seconds and for 5 seconds at 1 minute intervals.
  4. Drain and rinse in plain water for about 30 seconds. The use of an acid stop-bath is NOT recommended.
  5. Fix, wash and dry in the usual manner.

Optimum results are obtained if all solutions, including the wash, are maintained at the same temperature.

Care must be exercised to prevent any amount of Diafine Solution B from entering Diafine Solution A!

To maintain the original volume of the liquids, add equal amounts of fresh solutions A & B to their respective working solutions. Since the introduction of dry film into Diafine Solution A decreases its volume more rapidly than that of Diafine Solution B, some of the Diafine Solution B will have to be discarded before adding the fresh Diafine Solution B.

In use, the solution will become discolored and a slight precipitate may form which will in no way affect their working properties. The precipitate may be removed, if desired, by filtering with a coffee filter.

Diafine Exposure Recommendation for 35mm, roll and sheet films (3 minutes ”A“ + 3 minutes ”B“)
FilmExp index
* 5 minutes ”A“ and 5 minutes ”B“.
** 4.5 minutes ”A“ and 4 minutes ”B“.
APX-100 35mm & roll320
FP4+ sheet200
FP4+ 35mm & roll250
Fomapan 100 sheet200
HP5+ sheet640
HP5+ 35mm & roll800
Neopan 100 Across* 35mm200
Neopan 400 35mm640
Neopan 1600 35mm1200
Pan F+ 35mm80
Pan F+ roll100
Plus-X (PX) 35mm, roll and sheet400
T-Max 100 (TMX)** 35mm & roll80
T-Max 100 (TMX) 35mm & sheet160
T-Max 100 (TMX) roll200
T-Max 400 35mm500
T-Max 400 roll & sheet640
T-Max P3200 (TMZ) 35mm1250
Tri-X Pan (TX) 35mm & roll1600
Tri-X Pan Pro (TXP/TXT) roll1000
tri-X Pan Pro (TXP/TXT) sheet1200

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Late edit: Fomapanu 9×12 nu e pe stoc, nici la f64, nici la fomamureș. Abia în a doua jumătate a lui august. SMF!