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Staining developer made from Pyrogallol and Metol.

Solution A
Potassium metabisulphite7.5grams
Potassium bromide4.2grams
Water to make1liter
Solution B
Sodium sulphite anhydrous150grams
Water to make
Solution C
Sodium carbonate monohydrate75grams
Water to make1liter
Mix chemicals in order.

For tank use dilute 1:1:1:13 (sic!) and develop for 12–18 minutes at 18.5°C. For tray use dilute 1:1:1:8 and develop for 5–8 minutes at 18.5°C.

As a rule, contrast and density may be increased by decreasing the recommended amount of water to dilute the stock solution by 50%–66%. Softer negatives can be obtained by using 50%–100% more water than is specified for normal results.