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An inexpensive fine-grain developer as published in “British Journal Photographic Almanac 1941”.

The following is an inexpensive fine-grain developer which is stated never the-less to give very excellent results.

Stock solution
Ingredient Quantity
Mix chemicals in order.
Metol 37 grams
Sodium sulphite anhydrous 136 grams
Kodalk or Sodium metaborate 57 grams
Potassium bromide 12.5 grams
Water to make 1 liter

For use, this stock solution should be diluted with eight volumes of water. Development times for super speed pan- chromatic material are of the order of 30 min. at 18.5 °C, or 22 min. and 18 min., respectively, for fast and for extra fine grain material.

The developer may be thrown away after use, but the stock solution will keep well if properly stoppered.

↬ “The Camera,” Lucerne, May, 1940, p. 327. B. J ., 1940, Sept. 13, p. 451 ᔥ Ian Grant