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Făcut de Minsk Me­chanical Fac­tory (actualmente BelOMO). Serial 1010307. Foarte curăţel, atît pe afară cît şi înăuntru. Sticla impecabilă.

Ce zice m42.artlimited despre el:

The Helios-44-2 is the ‘improved’ Helios-44. The coating is better. The original Helios-44 was used on the old Zenit M-39 SLRs. Helios-44-2 were made for the M42 Zenit. Both lens types used a preset diaphragm.

The Helios-44 line (many versions from KMZ, BeLOMO, and Lytkarino) came out with each Zenit model introduced. The lens was derived from the Carl Zeiss Biotar lens. The focal length in both cameras are the same, ie., f=58mm. The Helios-44 even looked like the Carl Zeiss Biotar: both had ‘silver’ aluminium barrels, and save for the M39 lens mount, all the specs were the same.

Din plimbarea de ieri, cînd principal a fost Vivitarul: