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The F-90x was the most advanced SLR that Nikon has ever produced until the arrival of the F5 in 1996. Newer CPU, AF software and the use of a CAM 246 AF module greatly improve the AF performance especially in the focus tracking that can synchronize with its built-in 4.1 fps film advance device. The AF sensor now came with a wide area and spot sensor, the wide area sensor employed is a cross-type sensor with 7mm horizontal detection area. Also incorporated a instant reset mode button. Three metering modes in an enhanced 3-D Matrix, Center-weighed and Spot metering. The exposure control is the most sophisticated among all available SLRs on the market: It has Auto Program, Flexible Program, (Vari-Program, Portrait Program, Portrait Program with red eye reduction, Hyper focal Program, Landscape Program, Silhouette Program, Sport Program, Close-up Program); Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Manual Exposure, AE-Lock and a conventional Exposure Compensation from -5EV to + 5EV in 1/3 increments!

The TTL Matrix has been upgraded with 3D Multi Sensor Balanced Fill flash capability along with a host of the most advance flash features available todate, this has made Nikon leads in terms of flash exposure control technologies. Generally, Nikon claims a 25% improvement in its AF speed over the earlier available models. But more importantly, the F-90x has held Nikon’s flag high to supplement the slightly aged F4’s AF system until the arrival of F5. Despite the announcement of the F-100, sources from Nikon said, the F90x will be here to stay…

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