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După ce l-am dus pe Coco acasă la mama castrat, m-am oprit la poştă şi am luat cartea. Cartea. Sau şi mai bine CARTEA: „Methods of Book Design//The Practice of an Industrial Craft“, de Hugh Williamson. Scoasă în 1956 de Oxford University Press.

Authors, publishers, printers, booksellers, librarians, bibliographers, and readers in general are all concerned with the phzsical qualities of books. In writing for these, and for teachers and students of printing design, the author takes for grantzed no technical knowledge in his readers. He explains book production techniques in outline, selecting from each the characteristics of most concern to the designer.

This is by no means an elementary textbook of printing, however. The author deals not only with book manufacture as the designer needs to see it, but with such matters as editorial work, the selection and arrangement of type, illustration, jacket design, estimating, and the choice of a printer. The treatment of each subject is developed far enough to interest the qualified typographer as well as the beginner.
Hugh Williamson was trained as a printer, and for several years worked as a publisher’s book production manager in the overseas education department of the Oxford University Press. He was later appointed to the staff of the Printer to the University, and in 1955 he returned to publishing when he joined William Heinemann Ltd. as production manager. He was for two years one of the selectors for the National Book League’s annual exhibition of book design.

Chiar sînt curios dacă o să îmi placă s-o citesc la fel de mult ca Elementele lui Bringhurst.

<em>Methods of Book Design</em>, Hugh Williamson

Methods of Book Design, Hugh Williamson