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Formula for a non-swelling, acid rinse bath.

Acetic acid, 28% solution
Sodium sulfate desiccated
Water to make
Mix chemicals in order.

To make 28% acetic acid from glacial acetic acid, dilute 3 parts of glacial acetic acid with 8 parts of water. If it is desired to use sodium sulphate crystals instead of the desiccated sulphate, use 105 grams per liter.

Agitate the films when immersed in the bath and allow to remain about 3 minutes before transfer to the fixing bath.

This bath is satisfactory up to 27°C. It should be replaced after processing about 12 rolls per liter. The bath should not be revived with acid.

When working at temperatures below 24°C, the life of the acid rinse bath may be extended by giving films a few seconds rinse in running water prior to immersion in the acid rinse.