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Ieri am primit al doilea print, o calitipie de data asta. Superbă! Am încercat să o reproduc (cu acordul fotografului, desigur) cît mai fidel:

Yucca, ©2010 Rüdiger Stobbe

APUG Alt Print Exchange Round 10


This is a pinhole image done with my 8×10 inch, 90mm, f256 pinhole camera. The film was HP5, developed in Tanol, a staining developer to get the contrast needed.

The kallitype is done with kit from Wolfgang Moersch on Arches Platine, the only paper I use right now to keep the number of variables low.

I used a plastic coating rod, but it turned out that this rod is not working too well for me, next time I will use a brush again.